What To Expect From Your Clinical Breast Exam

In this video you can learn the most current and up to date technique of performing a Clinical Breast Examination. This video is to serve as a guide as to what type of breast examination you should be receiving at your annual well woman physical. If you are not receiving a thorough clinical breast examination by your health care provider ask for it. Health Care providers want to do the best for you and will appreciate your request. Remember to do your monthly self breast examinations as well. The model in the video is instructed by a Licensed Health Care Provider Certified in Clinical and Breast Self Examination through the National Consortium of Breast Centers, Inc. You can feel secure that you are taking the proper steps in your own breast health care by insisting on a clinical examination similar to what you have seen in this video. You will also feel secure in your own breast health awareness and proper technique in examining your breasts by following the steps in the breast self examination instructional video. Each time you examine your breasts, you will become more proficient. Knowing how your breasts look and feel is the first step in being proactive in your own breast health care. If at any time you see or feel a change in your breasts, it is imperative that you contact your health care provider right away. Please pass this video and web site on to all of your family and friends and discuss these lifesaving techniques for breast self examination. You might save a life!
* Cathy Cole, NP, MPH, CHES, CBEC
* Colleen Johnson, RN, NP,CBPN-IC, CBEC
* Shireen L. Braner, BS, PA, RT(R)(M)(QM), CBEC, CBPN-IC

National Consortium of Breast Centers is dedicated to the protection and enhancement of the environment by offering this Flexible Eco DVD that is 100% recyclableand uses half the carbon footprint and bonders of a standard DVD-5. Please contact us directly if you need these videos for your practice or group  to be able to give to your patients as a training tool to assist them in the proper technique for Breast Self Exams. This DVD would make a great special gift to a loved one!  
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